Tough wolf

Tough wolf

Tough Wolf




Tom Kenny

"Tough Wolf" voiced by Tom Kenny, is the acting Underboss or "Beta" of the wolves in Happily Never After. He is the muscle of the wolf trio . He seeks to move up in rank and replace Fat Wolf as the Alpha and does not pass up an oportunity to challenge him (Shown when he barely misses Fat Wolf's head when throwing a daggar.)

As second in command, Tough Wolf is a lutenant and does a lot more work than Fat Wolf. He actually chases Ella, Mombo and Munk through the woods and calls Frieda's troll army with howls, while fat wolf leads the army when changing locations. He Outranks Crazy Wolf, and has a small temper shown when he smacks Crazy Wolf for attempting to pick off of his plate and showing no regaurd for Crazy Wolf's safty when he is stepped on by the giant.

Tough Wolf is likely the Big Bad Wolf from the fairy tale Three Little Pigs . In this story three pig brothers big individual houses out of straw, sticks and bricks respectivly. After chasing the first two pigs and blowing down their houses, he cannot blow down the brick house. The story ends with the wolf climbing down the chimney and landing a pot of boiling water, This would explain his Strong lunchs and his ordering the "Three little pig's ribs" when meeting Rick.

Tough wolf could also be the Big Bad wolf from the Grimm Fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood . In this story, a little girl in a red cloak travels through the woods to visit her sick grandmother. On her way, she meets the wolf who persuades her to take a longer rout to the grandmothers house after learning its location. The story ends with the youg girl ariving at the house to find the wolf in disguise. Once

Tough wolf 2

Tough Wolf

she is close enough, the wolf reviels that he ate the grandmother and proceeds to eat her as well. After eating them, he falls asleep giving a hunter time to cut open his belly, free the girls and replace them with stones. This would account for the beenie and "cape" he wears, as well as his charismatic way of speaking.

Big tough wolf