Rumpelstiltskin is the secondary antagonist later reformed antagonist in happily n'ever after and Happily n'ever after 2.

Happily N'ever After Edit

He is first shown on the crystal ball when Mambo was watching Rapunzel and little red riding hood. When Frieda gets the staff she causes the baby's mother to get his name wrong 3 times which makes Rumpelstiltskin kidnap the baby. Later on he spies on Ella talking to Munk and Mambo about finding the Prince to take out Frieda. The next day he informs Frieda about an evil plot against her and becomes her sidekick. He's next seen when Frieda tells the trolls witches and wolves to go find Ella and bring Her to Her. When Ella is held captive in the Palace , He gets worried about the violence and what it will have on the little Reggie the baby. He then hides behind a pillar frightened. When Frieda falls into the portal he is very happy. When Rick is talking about what happens in the end , He returns the baby back to His mother and becomes his Uncle.

Happily N'ever After 2 Edit

Rumpelstiltskin returns in the sequel and is still the secondary antagonist also a sidekick of Lady Vain. He's first seen when Mambo falls on the evil scale giving Lady Vain advantage to become queen. A large shop falls from the sky next to Lady Vain's house. He makes Her look like Queen Grace. He gives Snow White a makeover and gives her an apple. Later when Lady Vain turns back into her ugly self , He flees when he sees the guards. However at the end hes seen standing next to Lady Vain in the photo.

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