Fat Wolf

Fat Wolf

Fat Wolf




Jon Polito

"Fat Wolf" voiced by Jon Polito, is the active leader or "Alpha" of the wolves in the Happily Never After. He is the brains of the wolf trio . He some times has to defend his rank from the "Tough Wolf " who constantly attempts to establish dominance (shown when Tough Wolf just barely missed Fat Wolf's head when after throwing a daggar).

As the leader, Fat wolf is comparable to a Don or Godfather in mafia films. He sits at the head of the table when eating with the others (shown when the wolves meet Rick) and giving orders to the other wolves, (shown when telling Crazy Wolf to "Sick" Ella and the others after they retreat into the dwarves home).

It could also be suggested that Fat Wolf also acts as a general to Frieda's army. He is often seen leading the group whenever they enter a room or close in on a target.

Fat Wolf is likely the Big Bad Wolf from the Grimm Fairy Tale "The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids ". In this story the wolf tricks and consumes six out of seven youg goats after they are left at home by their mother. The story ends with the wolf falling asleep and the mother cutting his stomach open to relase her kids and replacing them with heavy stones. When the wolf goes to the river to drink, he falls in. This would acount for his size and the dinner scene where Rick brings him "the Seven Billy Goats Gruff medium rare".