Fairy godmother

A character that appears in both films, she helps all in need of assistance, but is shown as slightly clumsy but ultimately roots for the good guys.  She was Ella's Fairy Godmother in the first film, helping her when Frieda was mean to her.  She made the carriage and provided Ella with her dress.  She is shown to be a being infested with magic.  She is very small in stature as well.  She wears a long hat, has wings, small, and is blue and carries a wand.  In the second film, she is shown to run a dating service in which King Cole uses to find a replacement Queen, and this is how he meets Lady Vain.  She is shown to have magic powers, her power level can be only compared to the wizard, and Frieda for one point. 

POWERS OF FAIRY GODMOTHER:  Flight, shapeshift, complete control over magic, shoot energy projections, most likely immortal, teleportation, shrink objects, levitation.  Compared to the wizard, they are almost the same, however the wizard's powers are stronger.  The Wizard does not use his powers for destruction, while Frieda does, so Frieda easily overpowers the Fairy Godmother, if she was to keep her staff, the Wizard and the Fairy Godmother would have no chance of defeating her, since her powers were beyond any of theirs.