Crazy Wolf

"Crazy Wolf" who doesn't talk, is the active runt or Omega of the wolves in Happily Never After. He provides the comedic relief in the wolf trio . He is often at the recieving end of unfortunate event and painful humor (shown when he is stepped on by the giant). Crazy Wolf never speaks, but communicates with the others through body language, facial expressions as well as grunts, growls and barks.

Crazy wolf always ha a smile or a fanged grin and can be heard chuckling excesivly most of the time. As the lowest ranking member of the wolf trio, he is often restricted to doing grunt work for his supiriors, (shown when Fat Wolf told him "sick" Ella and the others from the dwarf home), and sometimes suffers abuse from Tough Wolf but he does out rank the trolls and witches in Frieda's army. He is always with at last one of his two companions and loyally follows any order they give him.

Crazy Wolf is likely representative of the dog from Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme "Hey Diddle, Diddle ". In some animated interpretations of the rhyme, the dog is replacedby or shown as a wolf. In this rhyme the dog/wolf laghs when the cow jumps over the moon. This would account for his constant laughter and dog collar he wears, as well as explain his ordering "the Cow Jumped Over the Moon burger" when the trio first meet Rick.